Manliest Stuff is Relocating!

We are taking our MANly adventures to Tennessee!
Our store will be temporarily closed with plans to re-open this FALL 2024.
We appreciate your patience during this transition.

*If you have an active subscription, these will still be honored*

Our Manly Vision

All of our products are engineered by MEN for MEN.

We're not your average makers – we're crafting goods for the real MEN. Handcrafted treasures for guys who want their stuff as unique as their vibe!
No joke - we legit HANDcraft our products.

We make our MAN goods with only the finest substrates. We pride ourselves in not adding any harsh detergents (which most of your mass produced products are made with these days).
We want every MAN on earth to feel like they can accomplish the MANliest of things and having your lady wanting to smell you from your MANly head to your MANliest toe.

Our MANly existence is here to help you be your MANliest best.
Be a MAN about it!