Frequently asked questions

Q: How long will your bar of soap last in the shower?
A: Most of our customers report that our 8oz bar will last around 4 weeks.


Q: Aren't all soaps at the stores just the same thing? 
A: Actually no, the fact of the matter is usually products you buy that look like soap aren't actually 'soap' in fact they are detergents and much harsher on your skin. Unless it actually says soap on the label you're buying something other than that.


Q: What is handcrafted soap?
A: Handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. And made primarily with natural oils and fats, and manufactured with a majority of the process being done by hand. Read more "Here".


Q: I noticed the use of fragrance oils in the soap, why not use essential oils, aren't essential oils better?
Not necessarily. Essential oils are from natural sources and can be a great addition to soap, however just because it's natural doesn't necessarily mean is okay to use on your skin. The FDA does not currently regulate the use of essential oils, some of which can be extremely irritating for your skin, however fragrance oils have been tested and considered safe to use in cosmetics.


Q: Do you use dyes and or colorants in your soap?
A: No we do not. That being said we do use ingredients that will ultimately change the color of the soap naturally, such as activated charcoal and Australian Red Reef clay.


Q: Why can't I understand the ingredient list in most products?
A: Great question!  Although we cannot speak on behalf of other manufacturers this is what we'll say. Here at Manliest Stuff, we want to be as transparent as possible with what's going in our products, so that anybody that reads our ingredient list can understand what the product was made from.